Product Title:FU650AC100-BXS20 portable red cross laser pointer with lithium battery, ON/OFF button

Brand:   FU(For You)

Model:   FU650AC100-BXS20
Cross hair Line specification:
Wavelength(nM): 650±10 
Output Power (mW): <100
Operaing Voltage(VDC): 3.7
IEC Safety : Class 2
Projection Type : Cross hair
Beam focus: Adjust line's thickness
Projection Fan Angle(°, full angle) : 10~110
Divergence (mrad, full angle): <2
Transverse Mode : Near TEM00
Operating Temperature Range (°C): -10 to 40
Storage Temperature Range (°C): -10 to 50
Total Power Consumption (W) 1
Cooling Method : Passive Air
Standard Warranty (months): 6
Laser Head Dimensions (mm) 105 (L) x 20 (D)
Package Includes: 
1pcs-laser pointer
1pcs-Silicone sucker tripod
2pcs-14500 Lithium battery
1pcs-battery charger

FU650AC200-BXS20 portable 650nm 200mW red cross hair laser pointer with lithium battery(14500), with ON/OFF button

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