Company Profile

From its beginning in 2008, Shenzhen Fuzhe Technology Co., Ltd.(FULASER) was founded in Shenzhen, China,

belongs to FULASER GROUP CO., LIMITED in Hongkong.


FULASER, one of the most popular manufacture of laser modules, provides 405nm and 445~450nm

blue laser modules, 510~520nm and 532nm green laser modules, 635~685nm red laser modules

and infrared laser modules from 780~1064nm. FULASER provides laser dot, line, crosshair line, and

some other laser patterns.

These laser modules for different laser applications, such as laser pointing, laser gun sights,

and many biomedical and industrial uses.

More customized diode laser modules with different wavelengths and power options are available additionally to the standard types.

Violet                 : 266nm 355nm 375nm
Blue-Violet        : 395nm 397nm 400nm 405nm 410nm 415nm 435nm  442nm 445nm 447nm 450nm 454nm 457nm 460nm
Blue                  : 473nm 480nm 488nm 491nm
Cyan                 : 500nm
Green               : 510nm 514nm 515nm 520nm 523nm 526nm 532nm 543nm
Yellow-Green    : 556nm 561nm
Yellow               : 589nm
Orange             : 593nm 604nm 607nm
Red                   : 633nm 635nm 637nm 640nm 655nm 656nm 660nm 671nm 680nm 685nm 690nm 705nm 721nm 730nm
Infrared             : 780nm 785nm 793nm 800nm  825nm 830nm 845nm 852nm 879nm 880nm 885nm 905nm 914nm 915nm 940nm 946nm 
                           965nm 975nm 980nm 1030nm 1047nm 1053nm 1060nm 1064nm 1085nm 1112nm 1122nm 1310nm 1313nm 1319nm 
                           1342nm 1444nm 1450nm 1470nm 1532nm 1550nm 1573nm 1700nm 1870nm 1900nm 1910nm 1940nm 1985nm 2200nm 

Some of beam mode we can do:(The others please contact us for customized)


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